The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants

Your suitability for the All at Once® procedure depends on several factors, including your dental needs and general health.

Dental implants are well accepted by the majority of patients. However, some individuals have a higher risk of complications, including those who have poor healing, are smokers, have uncontrolled diabetics or are taking some cancer or osteoporosis medications, all of which increase the failure rate.

It is recommended that you schedule an Assessment Consultation to discuss the viability of this treatment for your situation. This initial appointment will review your dental and medical health, bone density and suitability for implant placement and will empower you with a better understanding of the process to aid your decision-making. We happily give second opinions if you have previously been assessed for a full arch fixed implant bridge option.

Everyone’s mouth and situation are different, so there is no one size fits all treatment plan.

* As specialist All at Once providers, our team has the experience and knowledge to offer different treatment options, all with their own benefits and risks. There is always a choice.

The All at Once® procedure cuts days off fixed implant bridge treatment time.

After your initial consultations with your restorative dentist and dental implant surgeon, you will attend only one other appointment before your surgery.

We understand that your time is valuable, so lengthy and numerous appointments are avoided as much as possible.

Using state-of-the-art digital technology, we can collect all the necessary data to assist in the construction of your individualised implant bridge in readiness for your surgery date. Our innovative techniques reduce your time in the dental chair considerably.

Your remaining teeth (if appropriate) will be extracted, your implants will be placed, and your All at Once® Implant Bridge will be fitted during the same procedure. At the end of the surgery, your All at Once® implant bridge will be in place, ready for you to enjoy a healthier, more confident smile.

Our typical schedule of appointments includes the following:

  •  Initial consultation – Restorative dentist or Prosthodontist & Oral Surgeon
  • Prosthodontics mapping & planning
  • Surgery procedure including implant placement and All at Once<suP® implant bridge insert
  • Prosthodontic review

Be aware that you may feel relatively flat for a day or two after surgery. This is normal, so be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and try to rest as best you can. Most patients are up and about doing light work on day 2 after their surgery.

Ensure you take antibiotics if prescribed and any other medication suggested to you to manage discomfort. Avoid alcohol.


Your restorative dentist or Prosthodontist will lake the required measurements and data for your implant bridge on your first visit.

At this appointment, you can discuss your requirements and gain valuable guidance from your All at Once® dental provider on the best look and function for your situation.

All planning and device making happens behind the scenes, and you are welcome to schedule an appointment to see the finished product before your surgery.

Yes. You can rest easy knowing that our team of specialists and support staff will organise all aspects of your treatment, including your hospital visit.

We understand that life is busy, and organising dental treatment can be an extra drain you just don’t need. Leave the organisation to us and be confident, knowing you are in the best hands.

A temporary and final bridge is very different in design and functional expectations. A final bridge will have a milled titanium bar to support the entire bridge. This bar needs to be one piece to be effective.

The choice of materials for the teeth will also affect the cost. Acrylic and porcelain options have different benefits and disadvantages.

Acrylic bridges are initially beautiful and have more flexibility to repair, but as they wear, they may need to be refreshed.

* All at Once® is a revolution in the pre-fabrication of dental implant bridges made with a one-piece metal framework before surgery. It is a true FINAL bridge and will afford you a confident and highly aesthetic smile. The choice of acrylic or porcelain teeth is a discussion you will have with your dentist as you consider all the factors involved in your case.

Having a clear understanding of the warranty process and the ability to repair the implant bridge, if needed, in the future is essential. 150+ implant companies provide parts for implants globally. The choice must be made carefully, and documentation must be of an exceptional standard. The choice of implant company can factor into the cost of your final restoration, but we recommend that you only use the most trusted implant companies.

* We work very closely with a small group of implant companies that are global leaders in the field and have long-standing reliability and stringent testing. These companies will be operating in years to come, ensuring you are well supported if required.


With any system, the aesthetics and bite can be compromised when only one arch is done at a time.

* If All at Once® is the treatment option chosen, yes, you can have just one arch done at a time, but there may be some compromises to discuss with your specialist.


Having teeth removed and implants placed is a surgical procedure and, therefore, will result in some pain. This varies between patients no matter what treatment option is chosen.

* All at Once® eliminates the need for further procedures after the surgery, aside from a check of the bite and bridge at the review. This allows the healing process to begin immediately and not be disturbed by further dental treatment.