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We are thrilled you have found the fastest way to a confident new smile. All at Once® is a unique solution that allows your All at Once® implant bridge to be made and ready for the single treatment appointment needed to transform your old teeth to a new smile.  The diagram below shows how All at Once® is different to the All on X system providing immediate full arch implant bridge care.

At All at Once®, we understand that dental treatment can trigger anxiety and years of postponing care, it can also be an inconvenience when treatment takes multiple visits over weeks and months. That’s why Dr. Philip Tan has developed the All at Once® implant bridge with the fewest hours of dental chair time. 

While all dentists realise how teeth are important for chewing and smiling, Dr. Philip Tan also recognises that your smile is so much more.  It is important not just to how you look and eat but how you feel and interact with the world.  Listen to this  “in one word”  personal story from a patient whose life was changed with an All at Once® implant bridge.  

Our patent pending process ensures that you receive the highest level of care and the best possible results for your unique needs. We carefully hand select providers to be trained in our state-of-the-art technology and technique to ensure that your dental implant bridge treatment is efficient, comfortable, and stress-free. We are proud to offer a treatment option that provides you with the best path to achieve your dreams.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the face of dentistry, benefiting patients, clinicians and reducing waste with innovations like the All at Once® implant bridge which sets a new standard of care in immediate full arch implant bridge treatment.  Our vision is to bring the future of dentistry to today.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to improve each patient’s experience.  We are committed to patient education and helping each patient find the right treatment for them, even if it is not an All at Once® solution.  We are committed to striving for excellence and communicating with honesty.  We are committed to you.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to make an impact with sustainability.  Our goal is to be aware and make choices which result in real and meaningful reduction of waste and conservation of energy.  Our goal is to help others make a sustainable impact. Have a look at the report below to see how your impact matters when you choose an All at Once® implant bridge. You reduce the waste of plastics needed for dental care, eliminate components and materials required for impressions, try in procedures and temporary bridges. There is also the difficult to measure impact on the amount of energy saved.  This includes the manufacturing and transport of extra materials to the clinic, disposal of extra waste, energy use for patient travel for additional appointments and more. 

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Meet Dr. Philip Tan

BDSc, GradDipClinDent, MSD (Iowa), 

GradCertPros (Iowa), FPFA, MRACDS 

Author, International Speaker & Industry Expert

While riding his bicycle late 2017 Dr Philip Tan, thought of a way to provide a treatment that patients wanted: faster, accurate implant care without so many appointments. Let’s face it, dentistry can be painful-to the body and the pocketbook.  Dr. Tan’s goal was to make it less so.

Determined to find the answer, Dr. Philip Tan locked himself in the dental lab for days and discovered a way to accomplish his goal. Over the next months he put the idea into reality, his focus on accuracy as a specialist dentist and his interest in digital dentistry were key factors in his developing the All at Once® implant bridge innovative solution. 

Dr. Tan was able to fix the patient’s issue of “surely there is a faster way” to have an All on X procedures.  Instead of multiple try in and impression visits required by the All on 4 technique, there is one surgical visit when patients get their new smile. Dr. Tan was also able to address some clinical issue around implant stability with immediate implant bridges.

Have a look at the history of implant dentistry and you will see how All at Once® is unique. From the time of Dr Branemark’s implant integration discovery until current times, there has been a steady improvement in dental implant treatment and its’ costs.  When Dr. Malo introduced his All on 4 technique, sometimes called All in 4 or All on X,  it changed the world of full arch immediate implant dentistry.  Since then, there has been refinements in lab protocols and use of different materials and manufacturing such as graphene and milled and printed titanium to improve outcomes and decrease cost for full arch implant bridges.  Digital dentistry, through the use of intraoral scanners such as TRIOS, iTero and others and the use of highly accurate CBCT machines such as  Morita, has allowed for easier and more accurate data collection.  Getting the details correct has resulted in the next step forward: the instant full arch implant bridge….you can get your new smile All at Once®. Dr. Philip Tan is the first in the world to provide a premade final prosthesis to perfectly fit full arch implants with one treatment delivery. 

Dr. Philip Tan is one of Australia’s leading and recognised Specialist Prosthodontist renown throughout the international dental industry. His expertise is highly valued throughout Australasia and North America wherein he is a regular contributor to industry, training and research forums. As a ITI Fellow , lecturer and committee member, and an active Rebuilding Smiles participant, he gives back to his profession and community.  He serves as a reviewer for Ahpra and multiple dental journals, has been involved with examining the postgraduates at the University of Melbourne, worked at the Melbourne Children’s Hospital and continues to write articles.  His involvement with dental equipment testing is something he greatly enjoys.

Dr. Philip’s day to day focus is on continual improvement and the consistent delivery of superior service to his many grateful clients. He delivers cutting edge technologies and scientific advances in Prosthodontics. At the end of the day the goal is to have patients pleased with their dental experience and be confident with their new smile.

The journey has lead to patients for the first time in the world, to be able to go into their dental appointment with failing teeth and come out with a final implant bridge, a new confident smile.  A total transformation in one visit with no need for a temporary bridge.

 His patients say …….