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Planning a trip but worried about travelling with dental implants? Fear not! Discover the joy of carefree travel without the pain and worry of poor teeth or dentures.

By Leanne.

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Before my All at Once® smile, I loved to travel but also dreaded it at the same time. With the usual pre-travel worries of… Will my clothes fit? Am I too pale? Have I packed enough? Who’s going to feed the cat? These things were always minor details in comparison with the real issues of…

  • Will I get another toothache or dental abscess?
  • Can I find a Doctor or Dentist that can help me?
  • Will my teeth break or fall out?
  • Where can I buy denture glue and adhesive?

You’ve read about my embarrassment at having my partial crack-in-half at a social function while in a corporate box, right?

Oh…The memories!

After my All at Once® procedure, I was so excited to travel again and then the spicy cough hit! So I spent some time compiling a list of reasons to no longer fear travel.

Do you like to travel?

Aside from the worry of post-pandemic adventures. Let’s talk about some of the niggling issues you may have had when travelling with dental concerns or dentures and the limitations that will no longer trouble you once you have your All at Once® smile.

Your teeth won’t rattle loose.

Whether its an old steam train, a rollercoaster or a rickshaw, if you do have a ‘screw loose’, well this won’t be the cause.

You won’t set off metal detectors, nor will your bridge pop out of your mouth due to swelling and cabin pressure.

I can’t promise you the same for your ankles (cankles) though.

If you become seasick or a little too merry, your implant bridge won’t end up overboard or in the toilet bowl.

This can & does happen with dentures

Once at your destination… 

You can smile.

And shop.

Pat furry critters.

See the sights.



And be merry.

Always pack:

Essential Travel Water-flosser


Did I mention smile?
No more denture mugs beside the hotel bed.

Be happy, live your life and enjoy carefree travel.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this platform, including text, graphics, and images, is intended for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For specific dental concerns, it is crucial to consult with a qualified dental practitioner. They will be able to assess your individual circumstances, provide accurate diagnoses, and offer appropriate treatment options tailored to your specific needs

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